Dugogodišnja suradnja Metalurškog fakulteta u Sisku i Mikroluxa

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Tvrtka Mikrolux sudjelovala je na 10. Znanstveno-stručnom seminaru: "Suradnja između akademske zajednice i ljevaonica kao pokretačka sila za povećanje konkurentnosti". Seminar je održan u organizaciji Hrvatske gospodarske komore, Metalurškog fakulteta Sisak i Univerze v Ljubljani Naravoslovnotehniške Fakultete.

Na Seminaru je među ostalim najavljeno kako je Metalurški fakultet ušao u 3. fazu projekta Centra za ljevarstvo, odnosno u fazu kada bi trebao biti odobren budžet. Dekanica Metalurškog fakulteta, Zdenka Zovko Brodarac, dodijelila je direktoru Mikroluxa, Marinu Šoufeku priznanje za dugogodišnje partnerstvo i sudjelovanje na seminarima Metalurškog fakulteta, te je istaknula kako je od velike važnosti za Metalurški fakultet otvaranje Centra za ljevarstvo. Napomenula je kako se velika pažnja poklanja nabavci vrhunske analitičke opreme

Marin Šoufek u ime tvrtke Mikrolux održao je komercijalnu prezentaciju, te je tom prilikom predstavio novosti iz Tescana.

Metalurški fakultet u Sisku svečano je obilježio i Dan fakulteta. Na svečanosti se okupio vrh hrvatske akademske zajednice na čelu s rektorom Damirom Borasom te brojni gosti i prijatelji fakulteta. Održana je promocija završenih studenata, a tvrtki Mikrolux i njenom direktoru Marinu Šoufeku, uručena je zahvalnica za dugogodišnju uspješnu suradnju i potporu Metalurškom fakultetu.







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The TESCAN S8000G is the first member of a new family of TESCAN microscope – The S8000 series. The TESCAN S8000G is a FIB-SEM system which has all that it takes to meet the demands of today’s research in both industry and academia; it delivers outstanding image quality with superb contrast ideal for nanocharacterisation and the capability to perform complex nanoengineering tasks with extreme precision and incomparable ease.

It is equipped with the new BrightBeam™ SEM column which achieves truly uncompromised field-free ultra-high resolution (UHR) for maximum versatility in analysis including the analysis of magnetic samples and live SEM monitoring during FIB operations. The new column is equipped with an electron optics design that improves resolution especially at low beam energies ideal for imaging beam-sensitive and nonconductive samples. On the other hand, the synergy of the novel Orage™ Ga FIB column fitted with state-of-the-art ion optics and the newly designed OptiGIS™ gas injection system makes TESCAN S8000G a world-class instrument for sample preparation and nanopatterning.

Modular and workflow-oriented software assures maximum control in all your applications, and, no trade-offs between complex technology and user-friendliness. The TESCAN S8000G is ideal for high-end FIB-SEM applications and, the analytical platform of choice for all those who pursue better understanding and breakthroughs in science and technology on daily basis.

Key features

New BrightBeam™SEM column technology for uncompromised UHR

  • New BrightBeam™ SEM column with proprietary 70° combined electrostatic-magnetic objective lens for maximum universality.
  • Field-free ultra-high resolution imaging for maximum versatility in imaging and analysis including the analysis of magnetic samples and live SEM imaging during FIB operations.
  • New detection system including In-Beam Axial detector and Multidetector for angle-selective and energy-selective signal collection gives complete control on surface sensitivity and the option to explore with different contrast for sharpening your senses and deepening your insight.
  • New generation of electronics with up to 8 live signal channels simultaneously.
  • New Field Emission Schottky electron gun now enabling beam currents up to 400 nA and rapid beam energy changes.
  • EquiPower™ lens technology for efficient thermal power dissipation and excellent electron column stability.
  • Beam Deceleration Technology (BDT) for further improved resolution at low and ultra-low electron beam energies with simultaneous detection of SE and BSE signals. (optional)


Novel Orage™ Ga FIB column for the most challenging nanoengineering tasks

  • Novel Orage™ Ga FIB column for ultra-high resolution ion beam and excellent performance throughout the entire range of ion beam currents and full energy range down to 500 eV. Resolution < 2.5 nm at 30 keV.
  • World-class quality in sample preparation with excellent performance at low energies for preparing damage-free ultra-thin TEM specimens.
  • High FIB currents up to 100 nA and SmartMill strategy for fast large-volume milling and slash by half the time for completing your cross-sectioning and lamella lift-out processes.
  • Fast FIB nanotomography for unique ultra-structural information of your samples.
  • New single gas injection system OptiGIS with fast run up time and excellent stability of the deposition/etching rate. Up to 6 OptiGIS units is possible in one instrument.
  • Combination of field-free SEM imaging and high FIB currents allow fast and uninterrupted milling/imaging sequences and advanced recipes for TEM/atom probe sample preparation or FIB-SEM tomography.

Triglav™ The new cutting-edge UHR column technology

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Experience ultimate resolution

The new TESCAN SEM column Triglav™ delivers a unique combination of immersion optics and crossover-free mode for UHR imaging at low energies. The single-pole type objective lens creates a magnetic field around the sample and dramatically decreases optical aberrations. Avoiding any crossover in the column reduces the Boersch effect and further optimizes the electron beam to yield superior resolution. Surface details of the specimen can be captured more reliably than ever before. For analysis, the TriLens™ technology improves resolution in the magnetic-field-free mode

Key benefits

  • TriLens™: Objective based on the advantageous complementarity of three lenses that enables multiple imaging modes
  • Unique combination of UH-resolution lens with crossover free mode for superb ultra-high resolution: 1 nm at 1 keV
  • TriSE™: Three SE detectors to capture the finest surface details
  • TriBE™: Three BSE detectors for angle-selective compositional contrast
  • EquiPower™: Excellent column stability ideal for time-consuming applications such as FIB-SEM tomography
Detector Resolution
In-Beam SE 0.7 nm at 15 keV
SE (BDM) 1.0 nm at 1 keV
STEM 0.7 nm at 30 keV

High-Resolution Xe Plasma FIB

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High-Resolution Xe Plasma FIB

Expanded Patterning Capabilities

Up until recently, the resolution of plasma FIB was limited to 25 nm, a fact that restricted its use in higher precision applications. TESCAN has now further improved its Xe plasma FIB by increasing the source brightness resulting in a high-resolution Xe plasma FIB column (HR i-FIB) capable of achieving resolution of less than 15 nm. This improvement has made Xe plasma FIB more versatile extending its range of use into the area of traditional Ga FIB applications. With the new high-resolution Xe plasma FIB column you can complete large-scale milling tasks in unbeatable times at high currents up to 1 μA, and, on the other hand, perform tasks using the smallest spot size for all those applications that require higher levels of precision. This is a significant improvement over the state-of-the-art.   

16th International Foundrymen Conference

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Company Mikrolux, Tescan general representative and Bruker representative, is traditionally present at the International Foundrymen Conference. The 16th Conference, under motto “Global Foundry Industry – Perspectives for the Future” was held in May 15th-17th, 2017 in Opatija, Croatia.

Foundry technology as important industry branch represents the important factor contributing the economic potential of each country. The Conference topics were designed as presentations of the current "state of the art" research in collaboration with industry, and production innovation with the aim to improve the competitiveness.

This international meeting gathered scientists and experts from the foundry industry. Mikrolux was the golden sponsor of the event and besides the booth, our representative had a chance of an oral presentation for all the participants of the 16th International Foundrymen Conference.



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